Finding Commom Ground: Assessing Good Practice in SBS/AHT Cases

Location: Navarro
Date: Fri, April 8
Time: 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Considerable heat has been generated by the controversies in SBS/AHT cases, but that heat has tended to overshadow areas where leading voices for the prosecution and defense actually have common ground. In this session, we bring together the views of a leading SBS/AHT prosecutor and representatives of innocence organizations that advocate for individuals claiming to be innocent and wrongly convicted, to examine specific examples of expert testimony, investigation practices, and litigation strategies, to identify areas of agreement (and disagreement) about acceptable claims and good practice. The panel will present medical reports, police investigation reports, excerpts of expert testimony, and excerpts from pleadings, to discuss what the science and law in this field support, and what it does not, and the ways that we can agree (or disagree) about how these cases should be handled.

201: Intermediate