Innocence Scholarship

The Innocence Scholarship Session presents cutting edge research in the field of innocence and wrongful convictions. All are welcome to attend. The works will also be published in a special edition of the Hofstra Law Review. Papers to be presented this year include: ​Kaitlin Jackson, "Official Misconduct and Coerced Eyewitness Identifications"; ​Jackie McMurtrie, "Strange Bedfellows: The Pairing of Indigent and Insurance Defense to Advance Reform"; ​Justin Brooks, "Wrongfully Convicted in California: Are there Connections Between Exonerations, Prosecutorial and Police Procedures, and Justice Reforms?"; ​Brian Reichart, "Applying Clinical Pedagogy to Address Tunnel Vision"; ​Scott Phillips and Jamie Richardson, "Heinous Crimes and Flawed Evidence"; and ​Oleksandr Zadoroznii, "Political Persecutions in Ukraine: Case of Yulia Tymoshenko."

201: Intermediate