Investigating and Litigating False Confession Cases

Location: Navarro
Date: Fri, April 8
Time: 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM

Despite the fact that there is substantial evidence -- both scientific and anecdotal -- that people falsely confess to crimes they did not commit, many in the criminal justice system still do not believe that false confessions occur with any regularity. As a result, false confession innocence cases may be the most challenging type of innocence claim to litigate. Using a case study model, our panel will offer practical strategies for handling false confession innocence claims from intake through exoneration. Each panelist will use her experience litigating false confession innocence cases to provide a roadmap for practitioners seeking to do the same. Panelists will discuss how to handle both DNA and non-DNA cases and will address such topics as: screening false confession claims of innocence; re-investigation of false confession cases; applying the social science; and using experts (whether and when to use experts; type of experts to consider).

201: Intermediate