New Lessons in Post-Exoneration Experiences and Needs

Location: Rio Grande West
Date: Fri, April 8
Time: 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

The innocent suffer tremendous loss and injury, and face innumerable obstacles to rebuilding their lives, after years locked in prison and being robbed not only of their liberty but also of their home, family, and work. Their families are also deeply harmed and permanently affected. With these experiences in mind, the MidAtlantic and Duke Innocence Projects recently partnered with Healing Justice to host the first-ever "listening sessions" for exonerees and family members. The goal of these sessions was twofold - to hear directly from affected individuals about the the full spectrum of post-exoneration experiences and needs, and to inform the development of post-exoneration support and services. Representatives from each of the three organizations will report on the outcomes of these unique sessions and plans for utilizing the data learned to better address post-exoneration needs, as well as inform and mobilize policymakers and funders.

201: Intermediate