The Kibitz Room: A Conversation About Experts

Location: Rio Grande East
Date: Fri, April 8
Time: 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Whether your case hinges on forensics, or you have developed other evidence of innocence but are contesting an aspect of the State’s proof, experts play an important role in post-conviction litigation. This closed session for Network litigators, coordinated by Vanessa Potkin, from the Innocence Project and Lauren Kaeseberg, from the Illinois Innocence Project, provides an opportunity for candid conversation off of the listserv among seasoned litigators about leading and emerging experts in a variety of disciplines, including: confessions, pathology, fingerprints, eyewitness ID, sex abuse, DNA, and crime scene reconstruction.  In addition to identifying specific experts, the discussion will highlight the variety of ways experts can be used creatively.

Participants are: Josh Tepfer, University of Chicago Law School Exoneration Project; Linda Starr, Northern California Innocence Project; Carrie Wood, Office of the Ohio Public Defender; and Lisa M. Kavanaugh, Committee for Public Counsel Services.

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